This is one of the most annoying things as a WordPress developer – when the WordPress Importer fails and just leaves us hanging with a blank page.

Seen this before?
Seen this before?

If you’ve seen this before, and can’t find a solution no matter how much you search on Google, trust me – I feel your pain. So I won’t ramble on – here’s the solution.

Step 1

Go to your cPanel, scroll down to find “Select PHP Version”

Step 2:

Check the “dom” and “xmlreader” options.

PHP settings

Step 3:

Save. That’s it!

Wouldn't you give ANYTHING to see this page?
Wouldn’t you give ANYTHING to see this page?

Good luck!

2 Responses

    1. Hmm perhaps Hostgator disabled that function then. Try other PHP configuration options, see if it’s there? Else contact Hostgator support, ask them to enable DOM and XMLreader, and see if that works. Hope it works out!

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