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Lessons from Facebook crash – How to set up your web systems to reduce your risk of failure

You probably already know by now that Facebook had a giant outage yesterday which lasted 6 hours. How can you prevent this from happening to your own website?

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How to bulk/fast/easy delete LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn doesn’t want you to delete your connections. That’s why it’s so hard to delete the 1000 spam connections that you approved 2 years ago. Well, not anymore.

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How to fix or reset Bluetooth for Keychron K1/K2/K4/K6/K8/etc

Bluetooth is tricky and sometimes the connection can be laggy or broken or something else can go wrong for some weird reason – it could …

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301 Wildcard Redirect

How to do a wildcard 301 redirect for a domain while keeping the same URL structure

Recently one of my clients did a rebranding and wanted to move all their content over to a new domain. Usually I would just do …

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[SOLVED] Ultimate Member registration not working

I was trying to use Ultimate Member to add custom fields to my WordPress registration form. Unfortunately after setting it up, the form just doesn’t …

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Google Sheet Timer

How to make a countdown timer in Google Sheets

I needed a multiple countdown timer, but couldn’t find anything online. So I decided to make my own with Google Sheets, feel free to use it!

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How to show two columns on Visual Composer Post Grid for mobile

Visual Composer for WordPress is a lifesaver when it comes to web design these days. It makes designing page layouts a hundred times easier compared …

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How to submit a URL to Google

How to submit a URL to Google for crawling

Do you want to submit a URL to Google? You may have a website, or you might just want to update Google on a new …

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A standard file structure for an addon domain (on Linux servers at least)

SOLVED: How to access your site’s temporary URL for addon domains

If you’re like me and build your site on a temp URL before changing the DNS, you’re familiar with accessing your site through http://111.222.333.444/~username/. I …

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Standard Wordpress installation screen

SOLVED: WordPress migration results in WP reinstallation screen

Here’s the solution if you’re asked to reinstall Wordpress after doing a Wordpress migration. Super simple, takes only 30 seconds!

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