[SOLVED] WordPress Importer not working

This is one of the most annoying things as a WordPress developer – when the WordPress Importer fails and just leaves us hanging with a blank page. If you’ve seen this before, and can’t find a solution no matter how much you search on Google, trust me – I feel your pain. So I won’t […]

How to create a Chatwing chatbox

So there’s this new website add-on called chatWING which allows websites to have ‘live chat’ experiences right on their website, for free. This would be great for sales-based websites since it’ll let you communicate instantly with whoever’s viewing your site, and helps you close the sale. I don’t use it myself but if you need […]

What’s with all the iPhone 5 hate?

I don’t get the whole iPhone 5 hate, really. So they fell flat against the hype and rumours and yada yada, big deal. Blame Steve for setting the bar so damned high for gadgets worldwide that his successor can’t even keep up. So Apple is now reduced from “greatest thing ever” status to “one of […]

Apparently our galaxy will collide with the Andromeda Galaxy

Just saw this yesterday from Engadget. Apparently our galaxy is on a surefire collision with the Andromeda galaxy within 4 billion years, thanks to the report from the guys at Hubble, NASA (check out the looooong story here). They’re jokingly calling it “Milkomeda” but I personally prefer AndroMilk, at least we can export our milk […]

Big Bang Theory: Howard & Bernadette’s wedding on Google Earth

Some background: (TL;DR: Scroll down for the Google Earth live preview) For those of you who haven’t heard of the Big Bang Theory, it’s this show about this group of friends and how they live with their quirky behaviours and stuff, standard fare there. Kinda like Friends, and How I Met Your Mother. But what’s […]

Nyan Cat turns One!

One of the internet’s most famous memes, the Nyan Cat is one year old! If you’ve never heard of it… well I suppose that’s what we’re here for. Check out this awesome video explaining what’s this Nyan thing all about; even if you’re a Nyan veteran it’s a really fun video as you revisit all […]

Time wasters other than Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

9Gag The Oatmeal Cracked College Humor Failblog I Can Haz Cheeseburger Engrish Funny Recognise any of these? Yes you got that right, these are among the biggest time sinks the internet has ever known. One has to wonder at the sheer power of cats, potatoes, unicorns and rainbows in stealing us away from productive work […]

So I found some funny Youtube videos…

Ultrabook™: House of Flying Laptops In an ancient Chinese temple, two martial artists face off in a battle for the power outlet. No, really. Words can’t quite describe what’s in store for you so why not just watch it already! Lenovo “Boot Or Bust” Air Drop In this video, Lenovo did the unthinkable. They threw […]

iPad Game Addiction?

Do you own an iPad? Do you have a credit card? Do you like gaming on your iPad? Do you only play the best, awesomest, most graphically intensive games you can find on the iPad? Are you a sucker for discounts and will buy on impulse? If you said yes to the above, then I […]