CARSOME review: A breath of fresh air

Buying from CARSOME is like breathing in fresh clean air after exiting the public toilet. If that analogy makes you feel icky & dirty, good, because that’s exactly how I felt after killing a deal with a secondhand car dealer, Car City 820 (but I’ll save that story for another time).

My CARSOME experience has truly been AWESOME, not because I got a fantastic car, but because they fulfilled the CARSOME Promise to me. There’s two parts to this, but the summary is – CARSOME Kepong, specifically En. Hadi and team, is AWESOME and you absolutely should buy your car from them!

Firstly, the buying experience is very transparent – before you even walk into the store, you already can find out the car condition, see close-up photos, any flaws, and internal check-up results. And all their cars are updated – if it’s being booked by someone else, or if it has already been sold, it’s updated immediately. Compare this to other secondhand car dealers, they never update their listings on Carlist or other sites, because they want to get your phone number first. Don’t you hate this kinda behaviour? I do.

For illustration only – not my car

Carsome’s buying experience is smooth and transparent, and they really don’t have any hidden charges – what you see is what you pay, except insurance, obviously, cos that one depends on your own history. Compare this to other dealers – listed price is for the car only, then there’s a “processing fee” (usually a few thousand, I was quoted RM4-6k), runner fee, and other fees that suddenly come up here and there.

I can trust Carsome because everything is in black-and-white. Carsome even provides a 5-day Return Policy! No other dealer will give you that, because they just WANT YOUR SALE. Once sold, “bye, don’t know you anymore” (unless you want to give them more sales – but if any problems they won’t remember you).

This brings me to point #2 – the CARSOME Warranty. During my car testing, I didn’t realise anything wrong with the car. However, after I completed the purchase and got my car, during daily driving, I felt something was wrong with the car, it wasn’t super smooth and I got a headache. Shit, I thought, did I kena con… but nevermind, I brought to the workshop to do balancing and alignment, but didn’t improve. The foreman found out that one absorber was leaking.

It’s not supposed to leak

So I called Hadi, my Carsome salesperson, and he helped me get this sorted out from start to end. Long story short, it required two returns to the Carsome Certified Lab (aka their service center), and they changed all 4 shock absorbers at no charge! This is easily worth RM2k if you do it yourself, and technically, they could have said this is normal wear and tear (my car was at 110,000km already – it’s recommended to change them at 80,000km), and could have declined to do it. But they did. And I am super, super impressed.

My 2016 Mazda 3 now rides super smooth. Quiet engine, smooth ride over bumpy roads and hard corners. Solid power on demand. Great brakes. Everything works. At half the price of a new car.

CARSOME really fulfilled their promise to sell good quality cars, and their sincerity at making sure that I am 100% satisfied really touches my heart. I highly recommend them without hesitation.

Thank you Hadi & team CARSOME Kepong – you rock!

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