Text summary: GAIN Bootcamp: CTO Series #1 with Arzumy

I had the opportunity to participate in an awesome webinar organised by MDEC. Although I’m unable to embed the video recording here, I hope the text summary would help any aspiring CTOs grow and lead their team to build a successful product. 04:30 – Speaker background Been in the CTO position throughout his professional career […]

How to fix or reset Bluetooth for Keychron K1/K2/K4/K6/K8/etc

Bluetooth is tricky and sometimes the connection can be laggy or broken or something else can go wrong for some weird reason – it could be the motherboard’s fault or the cheap USB transmitter or software issue or other issues. Here’s a simple flowchart to follow to reset your Keychron keyboard and fix other Bluetooth […]

Swimming hard without a compass = Going very far to nowhere

This took me a bloody long time to understand. I’ll spare you the sob backstory about how life was dreary and I felt aimless and all that. Here’s the bottomline: If you feel aimless in life, without purpose, without direction, keep reading. The short version is this: Find out what you actually want for yourself. […]

Your business will fail

Your business will fail. So don’t listen to anyone else who says Success is just around the corner How long before you finally realise You take one step forward, two steps back Despite how many times it feels like You can do this! How many times do I have to remind you You have no […]

How to disable the magnetic screen lock for Android devices

This is a similar feature to Apple’s smartscreen lock, where if a magnetic cover touches the screen, a sensor turns it off, and when you open the cover, it wakes the phone. I own two Huawei devices, a P9 and T2, and they both have this feature. However, I don’t have a smart cover, and […]

Calm the f* down, Milo isn’t evil

Vishen Lakhiani bashing Milo for sugar content

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past month, you’d have heard of Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley’s video that’s causing this major uproar saying Milo has been lying to you and it’s full of sugar and you should stop drinking it and blah blah blah. Here’s the bottomline of that video: IT’S AN AD.

MaidEasy review – A major pain in the ass, don’t bother

Update: Nope, they eventually failed to find me a maid altogether and I settled for a refund. What a major waste of time. Summary: I was trying to get their ironing service. Booked since last week. But even till now they’re not here yet. I don’t usually write reviews but seriously, this experience really frickin […]

Startup Talk: When your word is not your bond

I found something out about a new startup today through a friend, and what he told me sickens me to the gut. I had been following this startup for over a year now, seeing them grow from working from home to having their own office and team, so this hits very close to home. Back […]