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Should you go to college, or just self-study online?

Should you spend 3 years and a ton of money to go to college, or do self-learning online for a fraction of the time and cost? After all, it seems like more and more employers don’t even bother looking at the degree, and want experienced skilled people instead.

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CARSOME review: A breath of fresh air

Buying from CARSOME is like breathing in fresh clean air after exiting the public toilet. If that analogy makes you feel icky & dirty, good, …

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Plane on conveyor belt riddle – Will it fly?

This is one of the most entertaining – and educational – online arguments I’ve had in a while. After a long night of online argument …

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Alunan Resort review: A resort with SOUL

Alunan is a no-brainer choice for any visit to Perhentian Islands. I can write my face off, but it really comes down to this reason – Alunan Resort is a resort with SOUL.

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The Dream Mirrors – Pilot Chapter

In March 2019 I thought about writing a sci-fi book, and kicked it off with a pilot chapter to gauge my writing, audience interest, and …

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Congratulations Rashdan & Sara!

Congratulations on starting this new phase together! Wishing you many decades of love, happiness, and growth, as you walk this new path together. PS: (Non-programmers: …

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Lessons from Facebook crash – How to set up your web systems to reduce your risk of failure

You probably already know by now that Facebook had a giant outage yesterday which lasted 6 hours. How can you prevent this from happening to your own website?

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Outsourcing your app to an agency? Don’t just talk to the sales team.

If you’re planning to build a custom app, never make your decision if you’ve only spoken to the sales team (including the CEO) – more so if they’refriends.

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Text summary: GAIN Bootcamp: CTO Series #1 with Arzumy

I had the opportunity to participate in an awesome webinar organised by MDEC. Although I’m unable to embed the video recording here, I hope the …

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How to bulk/fast/easy delete LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn doesn’t want you to delete your connections. That’s why it’s so hard to delete the 1000 spam connections that you approved 2 years ago. Well, not anymore.

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