How to fix or reset Bluetooth for Keychron K1/K2/K4/K6/K8/etc

Bluetooth is tricky and sometimes the connection can be laggy or broken or something else can go wrong for some weird reason – it could be the motherboard’s fault or the cheap USB transmitter or software issue or other issues.

Here’s a simple flowchart to follow to reset your Keychron keyboard and fix other Bluetooth troubleshooting issues. Thanks to Tim Wolters in the Keychron Facebook Group for creating this.

IMPORTANT: A factory reset does NOT automatically trigger Bluetooth Discovery Mode; you need to do that manually. Therefore the full reset sequence is [FN+Z+J+4sec > FN+1+4sec].



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  1. Hi! My K4 keyboard didn’t connect with my laptop and I tried a factory reset without results, but in this chance I used FN + 1 for 4 second after factory resnt and its works perfect!

    Thank you 🙂

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