How to bulk/fast/easy delete LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn doesn’t want you to delete your connections. That’s why they make it so hard to delete them – no hotkeys, no checkboxes, no one-click delete, no multi-select. It’s annoying and very difficult when you want to delete the 1000 spam connections that you approved 2 years ago. Well, not anymore.

You can watch the video to see how it’s done, or scroll down if you prefer to read:

Step 1 – Download Macro Recorder

Head over to (non-sponsored link) and download the macro recorder. The free version should be enough for you to use.

Step 2 – Create a new macro

Click on the icons on the top row to add a new action. Add the below:

  1. Left Click > Relative to mouse position > X: 0, Y: 0
  2. Wait 200ms
  3. Left Click > Relative to mouse position > X: 0, Y: 40
  4. Wait 200ms
  5. Left Click > NOT relative to mouse position > X: 1167, Y: 322

Note: You may need to adjust the coordinates for step 5. Watch the video for clarification if this macro doesn’t work for you.

Step 3: Set a hotkey

Go to Settings > Hotkeys and select a hotkey to auto-Playback your macro. I prefer the Insert key.

Step 4: Run the macro

That’s it! Open your LinkedIn Connections page, hover your mouse over the “…” icon, and press your hotkey in Step 3 to launch the macro.

Watch the video if you’re not sure or if this doesn’t work the first time.

Good luck!



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