When 2 seconds is enough to break into your car

Pic for illustration only. Not real picture – 2 seconds isn’t enough to whip out your camera for a shot. This is as close a pic I could find. Image taken from Youtube video as below.

Yesterday I was witness to a car rob-and-run incident. Quite harrowing when you realise how easy it is for them to get away with it.

It was at the Summit USJ traffic light. It wasn’t a bad jam at all, just a normal one. A motorbike with pillion rider suddenly stopped next to a car (Camry I think); the pillion rider punched the front-left passenger side window 3 times and it smashed open. Grabbed something (presumably a handbag) and sped away while me and all cars around looked helplessly in the jam. There were no other motorbikes to give chase.

The whole incident took – guess what – TWO SECONDS.

I’m not exaggerating; as a musician I have a pretty good sense of time. Two seconds was what it took. The pillion rider probably wore a knuckle duster so it was really easy to smash the side window.

Example of a knuckle duster. You could probably get a cheap one in grey markets at RM20 (or $4.60 from blade-empire.com, apparently).

UPDATE: Here’s a video of a separate incident which shows it done in one second. It makes me so angry just to watch it again. Thanks to Emmanuel for sharing.

Would I recommend installing a security window tint? Hell yes. A good security film should protect you from such an incident, so by all means go ahead. I know Groupon has these deals once every 3 months or so. However I highly recommend leaving at least ONE window unsecured (maybe the back screen). This is for the very unlikely instance that you are trapped in your car and are unable to get out – during a bad accident and the car is on fire, for instance. Or if it’s sinking to the bottom of the ocean if you drove off a bridge.

With a security film, your windows are much harder to smash. Image credit: ttnet.net

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