The meaning behind the name “Edifier”

Have you ever wondered why is Edifier called “Edifier”? It’s a little known fact that Edifier’s name was actually constructed out of three Chinese words as below:

Ai – “Love”

Mr Zhang WenDong, Founder of Edifier, started this business out of a passion for sound 16 years ago. Back then, people only made Hi-Fi systems which cost upwards of 10,000 Renminbi (about RM5,000), which was incredibly expensive. Small speakers were made out of cheap plastic which did not do justice to classical music which he loved. Zhang then decided to make affordable wood speakers out of his love for music, and has never looked back since.

道德 Dao de – “Ethics”

Zhang firmly believes in doing business the honourable way, even at the start. Hence the incorporation of the word “de”, which means “morals” or “ethics”.

发财Fa cai – “Prosperity”

Naturally, Zhang wanted his business to flourish and prosper, and so “fa”, which means “to prosper”, came into the picture.

The combination of these three words, “爱德发 or ai-de-fa” means nothing in Chinese (although Google Translate returns “Ed made”, which could probably mean “Made by Edifier” – but I digress), but it sounds quite similar to the word “Edifier” which means “One who builds or strengthens the moral and intellect”.

With that, Edifier Technology Co. Ltd was born.

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