Secure your Android phones!

Google’s been making strides worldwide with their latest products such as Google Android and Google Chrome, in addition to their already hugely successful portfolio of products including Google Search, GMail, Google Maps/Earth/Sky/Moon/Mars and others. In fact, Android and Chrome have been doing very well in Malaysia (Android usage is double that of iOS, and Chrome surpassed Firefox to be the most used browser in Malaysia).

It’s no wonder then, that hackers have been turning their eyes onto Android as it has grown to be a very lucrative target. Android-based malware attacks have increased by 76 percent – that’s a very scary number considering that most of us have credit card information stored on the phone and mobile and internet payments are on the rise. The worst part? Many use unsecured WiFi access to browse the net on their phones or tablets – really, that’s like walking in a back alley with loosely-held designer bags and clothing, waiting to be robbed.

Take this as a community service message – secure your mobile devices with at least ONE security software. Today. Now. Don’t leave it till tomorrow, which will turn out to be next year.

Peace out.



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