Congratulations Rashdan & Sara!

Congratulations on starting this new phase together! Wishing you many decades of love, happiness, and growth, as you walk this new path together.


function BonusLevel($rashdansara) {

	$never = str_replace(['!', '+', '-', '#', '>', '%'], ' ', $rashdansara);
	$gonna = str_replace(['z', 'j', 'm', 'p'], 's', $never);
	$give = str_replace(['q', '6', '9', '~'], 'e', $gonna);
	$you = str_replace(['t', '*'], 'u', $give);
	$up = str_replace(['x'], 'vin', $you);
    return substr($up,15,33);

$rashdansara = "zandyb6ach9j23@mo#wh6n>ar~%yo*+gtym-haxg!kidp?qjz:\?kee93zp";
$nevergonnaletyoudown = BonusLevel($rashdansara);

echo ucfirst($nevergonnaletyoudown);

(Non-programmers: Load this code in

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