Review: Go Noodle House – Bursting Meat Ball Noodles and Trio Combination

I first heard of Go Noodle House on Facebook thanks to their 4 min 30 sec challenge. From a marketer’s standpoint, it’s a brilliant strategy to gain awareness – 4:30 to finish a standard sized bowl of noodles is easy peasy, and it’s free to join. However I feel they wasted a huge opportunity by not doing a live Facebook video of the whole event. Considering how much a fuss they stirred up online, I’d expect they had a huge reception. Such a waste that it wasn’t fully used. Oh well.

Anyway I decided to visit today since my wifey says it’s so delicious. I’ll cut to the chase – the trio combination of Gold Coin (ba kua), pork rolls, and crispy furniture chuk was quite good and well worth the price (Rm15-something).

Their Bursting Ball Noodles in Superior Soup (Rm10-something) was good too, albeit a bit too simple for my liking. It was basically pork balls with soup inside, bak choy veggies, some special white noodles, lots of parsley, and soup. Great for when you’re looking for a nice “clean/cheng” meal.
Will I return? Yes. But to try the other stuff on the menu, not for the noodles. A full crowd at 3pm can’t be wrong after all.



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