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Review: Sarawak D’light, AEON Food Court, Bangsar South

The Good As with all soup noodles, the soup is most important. No point giving _banyak lauk_ if the soup is tasteless. Thankfully, Sarawak D’lights …

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Vishen Lakhiani bashing Milo for sugar content

Calm the f* down, Milo isn’t evil

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past month, you’d have heard of Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley’s video that’s causing this major uproar saying Milo has been lying to you and it’s full of sugar and you should stop drinking it and blah blah blah. Here’s the bottomline of that video: IT’S AN AD.

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How to haggle in Kota Kinabalu’s dried seafood market

I really shouldn’t be writing this… those guys rely on tourism dollars to stay afloat. But I guess if you’re searching for tips, you’d haggle anyway, so be kind.

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Butcher Carey Beef Burger

Butcher Carey, Plaza Damas –The best new secret in Kuala Lumpur for steaks & burgers #MichaelEats

Bloody good beef burger at incredibly affordable prices. Don’t let the simple setup and low walk-in fool you – this place serves a damn good meal.

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Review: Casual Japanese food at Sai Sai, Plaza Damas

Quite authentic, like I’m in a casual joint in some unknown street in Tokyo. Their lunch sets seemed pretty affordable at RM15 so I decided to give it a shot.

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Review: GOOD by Pencil Planning

  Wow, this place is pretty. At Jaya One, ground floor, next to The School. It’s a combination of art gallery and coffee place. Ultra …

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Review: Go Noodle House – Bursting Meat Ball Noodles and Trio Combination

I first heard of Go Noodle House on Facebook thanks to their 4 min 30 sec challenge. From a marketer’s standpoint, it’s a brilliant strategy …

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