Infiniti Gym Sooka Sentral – An Honest Review

Update 4: This gym has unfortunately shut down. A number of ex-staff were embezzling funds from the gym, and a police investigation is currently underway, launched by Infiniti directors. 

Asim Khan, a Director, has confirmed that all auto-debits have been stopped as of 31 March 2014, and refunds will be made to members after audits and other accounting processes are completed. However, payments by members to Klinch MMA are a separate matter as the agreement is between members and Klinch MMA only.

Please contact [email protected] or call 01118758553 (Asim Khan, Director) for more information.

If you have anything to add to the matter, kindly post them in the comments section below or contact me directly via this page. Please note I am only the blogger and have nothing to do with any parties of any side, and have long ended my membership in March 2013 due to unrelated reasons.

The below blog has not been altered since its original writing on 7 Feb 2013. Please read while taking note of the above.

So there’s this new gym that opened up near my place of work. Long story cut short, I signed up. It’s been about 3 weeks now, so here’s what I have to say about it. I also happened to check out this other place in Hartamas today, thanks to a “free one month trial”. I knew I had to sit for the obligatory sales pitch – I didn’t mind, really, as I was actually considering other options. So the below is partially a rant about that other place, and is an honest comparison with Infiniti.

Fun fact: Infiniti Gym took over Clark Hatch gym. This is the front section of the gym, though it looks a little different now. I’ll take pictures someday, if Infiniti allows.

Great staff

The guys at Infiniti are a pretty awesome bunch. The manager is a trainer herself (she conducts BodyPump on Mondays, and is a pretty awesome person to talk with), and every other staff in there seem to have the same goal – to ensure you feel good while working out there. Special mention goes out to Gianna, their customer service person (don’t know her official title), who is very friendly, charming, and above all, a very professional person who carries the company’s image perfectly. She managed to convert me, a previously-unhappy customer, into a voluntary brand ambassador – that in itself speaks volumes. Besides her, the trainers there are friendly and helpful, and so far I have not been hard-sold to even once. I am greeted with friendly smiles every time I enter the gym, and am wished goodnight when I leave.

Reasonable policies

Infiniti has pretty standard policies in place – this is to be expected, as they do have a business to run. The usual stuff like a one-month deposit, one year contract, early-termination penalties and stuff like that. What I do like about them is that they bring these matters across very well, and very professionally. Granted, some of the facilities aren’t ready yet (I’ll get to that in a bit), and I originally felt like I’m paying for a half-fulfilled package, but the overall energy of the staff more than compensated for that. The team made me feel so welcome that I easily empathise with their limitations in getting the gym completely up and running. Again, I have to absolutely compliment Gianna for her marvelous management of the situation.

In stark contrast, that “other place” tried to impose some pretty ridiculous terms on me. I was appalled when I found out that if I were to sign up, there was absolutely NO WAY I could terminate my 1-year contract unless I had a solid reason for it, e.g. doctor says I cannot work out anymore, or if I move to a different state, etc. I WAS TOLD I NEEDED TO PRODUCE DOCUMENTATION AS PROOF. Seriously?? Who do they think they are to take away my freedom in choosing which gym I wanted to join? I mean, they don’t even make you pay a penalty – they outright said that I must have a good reason to terminate my membership. If I wanted to quit just because I wanted to quit – I quote their reply – “I cannot accept that”. Do I work for you now? Are you my school teacher? Are you my dad? Do I answer to you? That is, by far, the dumbest exit clause I have EVER seen in any sort of business agreement.

And as if it wasn’t bad enough, when I turned down the membership offer and decided to just take the one month free trial, I was told that I must – I repeat, MUST – give them 15 contacts for them to ‘offer a 7 day free trial’, in order to activate my own one month free trial. In other words, after they failed to get me into a non-exitable membership, they proceeded to blackmail me into giving them my contacts, else I don’t get the free month. I left.

Infiniti Gym, thank you for not putting me through the above experience. Please stay as awesome as you are. That’s all I ask for.

Fully functional gym

Since this post is supposedly a review and not a blog rant, I guess I should say something about the gym section itself, e.g. the threadmills, cross trainers, weight machines, free weights zone, etc. But it’s almost 3am (I’m typing this part last) so I’ll just summarise this for you guys. It’s a fully working gym with decent equipment and sufficient classes like BodyPump, BodyCombat, cycling classes, etc etc. Check out their Facebook Page or website for class schedules (link below). No complaints from me here, though there is always room for improvement. Obviously, that “other place” beats Infiniti in this respect, hands down.

Pretty awesome non-gym facilities

Infiniti aims to be somewhat of a lifestyle gym. Aside from the actual gym part, they also offer a wall-climbing boulder, game room (PS3 & Xbox), pool table, sauna, steam room, juice bar, and outdoor cafe. Most of these aren’t ready yet, but I’ll overlook it since it’s not the most crucial part anyway. My highlight here is actually the part most overlooked by most people. Their shower and changing areas are spacious and well ventilated, and their floors are clean and dry. Each cubicle is a comfortable 4′ x 5′ space with clothes hooks and a little space to put your shoes. Most people overlook this part when evaluating gyms, including myself, until today.

Continuing my little rant about that “other place”, I left the sales area after having wasted an hour of my time, and wanted to take my bag and go. The branch manager managed to persuade me into trying out the gym anyway, and gave me the one-month pass without taking any of my contacts. I won’t go into the details of our rather heated discussion. The gym areas were pretty impressive, I’ll give them that. Buffed men were walking everywhere, which was pretty cool. But their shower area sucked. S. U.C. K. E. D.

To get to the showers from the locker area, you first have to pass through the toilets. They stank like a public toilet, literally. Plus, the cubicle size was really small. To add to the already crappy experience, the cleaner was washing the floor. During gym peak hours. With water flowing everywhere. Except the toilets, which he really should’ve cleaned FIRST. Anyway, once you’ve gotten through the stinkzone, you pass the steam room (which fits only 5 people), then only you reach the showers. Which turns out to be a tiny 3′ x 3′ area, with a crappy plastic curtain hung on broken hooks, no place to hang your towel, rusty shower heads and drainage grills, and shower gel that smells like medicine.

Let me repeat that for you: After a gym workout, you have to pass through the stinky toilets and wet floors to shower and change into a towel before entering the steam room. After your steam bath you have to squeeze into the tiny shower, hang your towel on the curtain rail and quickly get yourself clean. Then  you have to walk past the stinky toilets and wet floors to get to your locker. That’s a shitty end to a gym session, to me at least.

Infiniti Gym, your entire locker/sink/toilet/shower/sauna/steam room arrangement ROCKS. Keep it that way.

What I deduced out of it all

To me, a business – any business – should always have the user’s interests at heart. When a business provides value to its users/customers, that’s when customers will remain loyal and become brand champions for them. As users, we are not obligated to contribute to their business. We do not have to consider their overheads. We do not have to pay for their telemarketing. We do not have to help them find leads. That’s THEIR job. I shouldn’t have to lock myself in a one-year contract for their sake.

From my experience today, I realise how awesome Infiniti Gym is (to me, at least). Infiniti is a gym which truly has its users’ interests at heart. It’s pretty affordable too, at RM189 monthly (standard published rate). As it is, even incomplete, I’d choose Infiniti over that other place, HANDS DOWN.

I can’t wait for 100% completion. Hurry up, guys.

Infiniti Gym contact details

Pure Fitness Sdn Bhd
5.1 & 6.1 Sooka Sentral (6th Floor)
Jalan Stesen Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-2785 1999
Email: [email protected]

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33 Responses

  1. hi, I am currently holding on to a corporate rate membership to inifiniti gym, but my office is moving out from KL sentral area in the coming month. If anyone is interested for a transfer from my account will benefit from the corporate of RM 110 (remaining 6 mths membership). Let me know if interested. thanks

  2. Hi guys, I am currently subscribing to a 30-month package, with 16 months remaining (till 31-Jul-15), at rate of 90/month. Anyone would like to take over my membership, please email me – suatlee at gmail dot com.

  3. It seems the infinity gym owner ran away today, I just got to know after sending out the post.

    If u know what the member can do to claim back the loss, please let me know. Thanks.

    1. I also went by the gym just now. What a total bummer. Already paid for April membership.

      Please share if u have updates on the claim/redemption or anything. Thanks

    2. I am a victim too. Make a police report (I’m told the police station on Jalan Travers has an open file) and raise a dispute with your credit card company (for the April fees – no guarantees this will work). Cancel your credit card too, as they still have your credit card details and the bank confirmed that they can’t stop the gym from continuing to charge us.

      1. I just called my credit card company to cancel it. In regards to the April Fees, for those of us who already made payment, they advised to lodge a police report and also to contact the Ministry of Consumers to lodge a report. We may and may not be able to get a refund from the Gym’s issuing bank but its worth a shot. I hope this help for now. I’m working in KL Sentral so if any of you have yet to make a report, we could maybe do so together, gather as many cheated members as we can and decide on a much larger course of action.

        1. Dear Mr. Irvin,

          I am also victim of this cheated fitness club. i am ready to join with you to make a complaint against this club.

          1. Any updates? I also had lodge a police report, check with SSM, submit case to Tribunal Pengguna & contact directly Mr Asim at 0176225507. His whatsApp still online which means he still use this telephone no.

          2. If there’s anyone whose been successful/not in getting the refund please share. Lawrence Chan Peng San and Asim Naveed Ali do not have anything to do with them.

        2. Hi Irvin
          I been told that the company account was under frozen by Asim. Would appreciate it if you could let me know any updates from them.My friend and I have been victims of these. We joined in as members on 27/03/2014 and paid a lump sum fee. We didn’t have a chance to use the facility at all.

        3. Hi, i am a victim of these con artists. Try to blacklist these directors the whole pain in the ass gang. They picked up my line and said send them my email etc and they will organise refund. I sent no acknowledgement afew times remind also no reply. Call again no answer. Lodged police report they said need tribunal consumers. Anyone done this how? We can go together…i was away so could not do this sooner. I paid 1 year to get discount. Please don’t listen to their sweet words. They are unethical people. Will tell you lies upon lies. Must not let them con other also. Working class people.

          I am contactable at:
          [email protected]

          ++ What goes round will come round ++

    3. My Fren used to work there, the owners din pay my Fren & the rest commission tat’s y the whole gang leave. And the owners suppose to sponsor the working Visa before those foreigner staffs starting to work but didn’t fulfill their words and cause some of them overstayed and ask to leave the company!!!

      1. I heard this too they used to have many good staff working for the gym but all of them suddenly gone because their commissions not paid and left with new bunch of unexperienced new staff…their eurasian lady GM was very friendly eventhough I didnt joined the membership early 2013 but she let me try the gym for 3 days. So sad they closed down they have amazing staff indeed

  4. Best thing is to cancel your credit cards/ bank account details if any! I would think lodge a police report or report this to consumer tribunal is one of the way.

  5. I’ve been notified that auto-debit has been disabled on the 31st March, however April’s has been deducted as the close down came unexpectedly, reimbursement will be carried out within 1~6 months. They’re collecting members’ email addresses for delivering updates, all my inquiries were well answered too.

    I’d choose to have faith in the team and wait for their prompt action, there must be some legal issue and lots more to deal with in such circumstances.

    1. Mr. SJinn,

      Thanks for update. Can you let us know their contact details to clarify on our reimbursement.

      1. Hi Prasad,

        You may email [email protected] (Asim Khan, Director), they’ve sent out emails to the gym members and has given proper explanation as well as assurance on the reimbursement, a police report has been attached too.

  6. Hi all, as long as I am aware of, the gym at Sooka belongs to MRCB, the companies that changing running the gym were on management contract. As such just to throw a suggestion whether you guys can sort of also liaise with the MRCB team ?

  7. I have paid for a one year term membership which is up to Oct 2014. How can I get a refund? No official email was sent to me YET!! I have even emailed [email protected] as suggested. no response YET!! This is frustrating ..

      1. Tnx.. I did contact that number directly and got a pretty quick response. I am glad there this someone trying to help out. 🙂

  8. I’ve tried calling the mobile number but never got through – it’s been unreachable the whole day. I’m a long time member (since they started, in fact) but never received the email that everyone is talking about. Doesn’t bode well…

    1. Hi…same thing here. No email has been send out yet. Initially the mobile number (Asim) responded my sms asking for updated email add, then there is no news at all. Its been a month now..waiting…

      1. Miss JK, I managed to reach Asim on another number. He promised me a reply by today, You can call him at 0176225507

  9. Well, they act like they will update us but no follow up replies to emails sent nor calls. Its really BS if you dont have the records of your members to begin with.

  10. In April, i called, emailed, reported to Police and much earlier even called NCC which was totally a WASTE of TIME as they are nice but ineffective. I would have gone to tribunal if i knew if i knew were so inefficient. They told me they need a few weeks to investigate then after almost a month or so i called again after twice trying to check what is the progress, they casually said they cannot do anything go to KPDNKK (consumer tribunal). How ridiculous to make a person wait and wait-they could have told me in that instant it is not within their juristiction to open a case. So please people, NCC is ineffective though they sound so impressive..good english, online forms, instant acknowledgement of receipt etc.

    Even after a few years, still can go for tribunal and let me know if any more serious action can be taken to blacklist such bad people. Should publicise them with internet and information is so freely accessible after all we are telling the truth unlike them. Sweet lies upon sweet lies. Hope it catches up with them.


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