D-Code Bootcamp Silicon Valley, Day One

Hi and thanks for reading my DCBSV blog 🙂 I’ll be blogging about my trip to Silicon Valley together with 9 other people from the original D-Code Kuala Lumpur coding bootcamp. Hope you find my musings interesting, and I’ll try to pass on what wisdom and learnings gained from the bootcamp. Once again, thank you Startup Malaysia,YouNoodle, Cradle Fund and the Malaysian Ministry of Finance for making this happen. Special thanks to Dash, Anthony, Punitha from StartupMalaysia; and John and Rebeca from YouNoodle for putting it all together!

Selfies in Guangzhou airport

Today started off enthusiastically enough. Everyone was in high spirits, pinging each other and getting to the airport. We were scheduled for a 1.30pm flight from Kuala Lumpur to Guangzhou, which went on with no trouble, thank God. I think this is my first time flying international in such a small plane, but thankfully the ride was smooth.

Guangzhou is HUGE

We reached Guangzhou by 5.30pm (no time difference) and headed out to prepare for a long 4-hour transit. Unfortunately the transit area wasn’t particularly kind as food here was priced around 50-100RMB for simple stuff like soup noodles. That translates to about RM25-RM50 for a meal – taxes and drinks notwithstanding. We settled for snacks instead.

Guangzhou transit area – nothing much to do here, food costs a bomb!

And so the wait started.

We chatted about stuff, and I kept myself entertained with a few videos I prepared for the trip. Our flight to Los Angeles (LAX) was scheduled for 9.30pm, and the minutes were ticking by slowly.

An announcement came at 8.30pm. Sadly, it wasn’t a bearer of good news – we found out that our flight had been delayed by two hours (Heislyc, if you’re reading this, we now feel your pain), and our flight to LAX would arrive at 11.30pm. I suppose that’s when the group flipped, haha.

They all went for a walk and I’m here sitting at the waiting area, typing this very blog. Oh well, there’s always a first for everything 🙂

I’ll sign off the day here as I have a few other stories to tell (look out for them!). Here’s to a better Day Two!



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