Butcher Carey, Plaza Damas –The best new secret in Kuala Lumpur for steaks & burgers #MichaelEats

Butcher Carey Beef Burger

TLDR: Butcher Carey serves a bloody good beef burger at incredibly affordable prices. Don’t let the simple setup and low walk-in fool you – this place serves a damn good meal.
Will I return? Yes, definitely.

UPDATE: From 1-31 January 2017, hardcore steak lovers can enjoy a mammoth-sized 500gm Australian grass fed ribeye for only RM75.00+* (Usual price RM130.00)(Served with a generous side salad). Visit their Facebook page for more.

A new meat joint opened near my office about 5 weeks ago. I never heard of it till about 2 weeks back when I was exploring Plaza Damas for new food. Even so I didn’t bother trying it because the place looked super simple and there were zero customers during peak lunch hour. Zero. However I decided to give it a try yesterday cos I was in a spending mood and they had a simple open-faced beef sandwich for lunch (off-menu), at RM18. Also the chef/owner was in, and took a minute to talk to me and ask me to try, so I figured ok I’ll give it a shot.

Butcher Carey Open Faced Beef Sandwich (lunch only), RM18 Butcher Carey Open Faced Beef Sandwich (lunch only), RM18

The meat was great; very high-quality beef and fresh veggies. Nothing much to shout about though, I guess simply because I like a much bigger piece of meat, so I decided to try the burger instead today.

Butcher Carey Beef Burger Butcher Carey Classic Beef Burger, RM15

In three words: Bloody. Well. Done.

It’s a simple burger, no fancy ingredients – A simple beef patty, melted cheese, onions, and lettuce, drizzled with what looked like thousand island sauce in a lightly grilled sesame-seed burger bun. This way, there is no distraction from the hero ingredient – the amazing Australian grass-fed beef patty.

I had a chat with Chef and owner Yusof Dayan Iskandar Carey yesterday (inteviewed on BFM, The Star, and many more), who shared a bit of his history with me as I was quite curious as to why he opened such a simple, boring-looking restaurant. Turns out he previously ran Las Vacas, a very high-quality butchery and steak house at Mont Kiara, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, and Sunway Putra Mall. I think he sold the business to take a rest (didn’t ask him the details), and is now running Butcher Carey as a test run before spending real money to do up the place.

Butcher Carey as it is now, is a super simple empty restaurant with cheap Ikea tables & chairs, no décor, and poor ventilation (but that’s because his renovator of 11 years decided to take his money and run – hard times I guess. He’s getting a new exhaust system which should be up in 2 weeks from now). There’s few tables because he hasn’t hired the manpower to run that many tables – there’s only two staff at the moment, while he works out the kinks and decides whether to go big or not.

Which basically means – get your ass in here while it’s nice and peaceful, before the crowd flows in.

Butcher Carey kitchen The kitchen section at Butcher Carey. Super simple setup.

Follow them on Facebook, and be the first to know about their promotions. They’re currently running a promotion for steak – 500g Australian beef steak for RM75. That’s crazy affordable, and I’m waiting for the weekend to bring my wife here.

Guys, I kid you not. Come here for lunch or dinner, it’s truly worth your money.

Butcher Carey menu Butcher Carey menu

Butcher Carey by Yusof Dayan

Opening hours:

Lunch: 11am – 3pm

Dinner: 6pm – 10pm


A-0-10, Block A,
Plaza Damas 3,
Jalan Sri Hartamas1
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-62061444 or 019-338 0811
Email: [email protected]

How to get here

1. Waze to Plaza Damas 3
2. Take the lift to G floor
3. Head to the walkway to Hartamas Shopping Center (but don’t cross it)
4. Turn left just before the walkway. Butcher Carey is about 5 lots in, facing the main road.

From Hartamas Shopping Center:
1. Cross the walkway bridge to Plaza Damas 3
2. Immediately turn right
3. Butcher Carey is about 5 lots in, facing the main road.



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