How to add CSS padding above #anchor link text

Update: Ok even I’m having trouble understanding what I wrote a few months ago… I’ll try to rewrite this for better understanding soon when I’m not super busy. Also my code is messed up cos I switched pagebuilders. Sorry. If you’ve ever tried using anchor links, you’ve likely run into this problem before: Of the […]

Change background-position for images in Visual Composer

This’ll be a super short post as I’m busy AF trying to finish a site tonight, but basically: <– This doesn’t work And I spent probably an hour trying to wrestle with custom CSS trying to get it to override the !important, probably Googled the same links as you, till I stumbled upon the […]

[SOLVED] Ultimate Member registration not working

I was trying to use Ultimate Member to add custom fields to my WordPress registration form. Unfortunately after setting it up, the form just doesn’t work! Users can see and fill in all the fields, but after pressing Submit, the page just refreshes and nothing gets sent to the system. I was frustrated and couldn’t […]

WordPress: How to bulk remove categories from posts

We all know we can use the Bulk Edit function to add categories to multiple posts at one go. You’d expect to be able to bulk remove categories this way, right? I thought so too, but unfortunately leaving the category checkbox doesn’t mark it as “deselected”, rather WordPress just sees it as “no changes required”, […]