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301 Wildcard Redirect

How to do a wildcard 301 redirect for a domain while keeping the same URL structure

Recently one of my clients did a rebranding and wanted to move all their content over to a new domain. Usually I would just do …

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How to add CSS padding above #anchor link text

Update: Ok even I’m having trouble understanding what I wrote a few months ago… I’ll try to rewrite this for better understanding soon when I’m …

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background position visual composer

Change background-position for images in Visual Composer

This’ll be a super short post as I’m busy AF trying to finish a site tonight, but basically: <– This doesn’t work And I …

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[SOLVED] Ultimate Member registration not working

I was trying to use Ultimate Member to add custom fields to my WordPress registration form. Unfortunately after setting it up, the form just doesn’t …

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WordPress: How to bulk remove categories from posts

We all know we can use the Bulk Edit function to add categories to multiple posts at one go. You’d expect to be able to …

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