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No, you’re not allowed to watch Youtube while driving on handsfree

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I checked with PDRM personally to find out what’s the limits of using phones with handsfree. Because today’s traffic laws don’t account for smartphones on handsfree.

NO Youtubing while driving on handsfree.
NO Facebooking while driving on handsfree.
NO Whatsapp while driving on handsfree.
NO emailing while driving on handsfree.
NO browsing while driving on handsfree.

Bottomline – if it distracts your EYES (regardless if you’re touching your phone or not), then it’s wrong, with the exception of Waze/GMaps.

I’ve been guilty of bending the rules many times. I told myself that if the roadblock police allow me to watch Youtube with both hands on the wheel, then it should be fine. I told myself that I’m a pretty skillful driver and it’s no problem for me to handle driving and watching a video at the same time.

But no. My visual attention is divided, and that makes me a liability on the road, regardless if I can really handle the multitasking. So I’ve stopped doing that, and I realise that indeed it makes a difference on the road.

It’s not worth it. Let’s all be better, responsible drivers.

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