How to fix or reset Bluetooth for Keychron K1/K2/K4/K6/K8/etc

Bluetooth is tricky and sometimes the connection can be laggy or broken or something else can go wrong for some weird reason – it could be the motherboard’s fault or the cheap USB transmitter or software issue or other issues. Here’s a simple flowchart to follow to reset your Keychron keyboard and fix other Bluetooth […]

[SOLVED] Ultimate Member registration not working

I was trying to use Ultimate Member to add custom fields to my WordPress registration form. Unfortunately after setting it up, the form just doesn’t work! Users can see and fill in all the fields, but after pressing Submit, the page just refreshes and nothing gets sent to the system. I was frustrated and couldn’t […]

How to show two columns on Visual Composer Post Grid for mobile

Visual Composer for WordPress is a lifesaver when it comes to web design these days. It makes designing page layouts a hundred times easier compared to writing code, and I’ve been using it for many years now. However it can be a real b**** at times, especially when moving between desktop to mobile. A commonly-encountered […]

How to submit a URL to Google for crawling

How to submit a URL to Google

Do you want to submit a URL to Google? You may have a website, or you might just want to update Google on a new URL that you don’t think Google knows about yet (for instance, your newly created Linkedin profile). If you don’t own the site If you don’t own the site (e.g. Linkedin […]

SOLVED: How to access your site’s temporary URL for addon domains

If you’re like me and build your site on a temp URL before changing the DNS, you’re familiar with accessing your site through http://111.222.333.444/~username/. I usually don’t have any problems with this till today, when I migrated a site from a standalone hosting server into a new server that hosted multiple sites via addon domains. […]