Words for teenagers

I came across this picture from a friend who shared this on Facebook. I found it to be very apt, and amazingly it still applies to teenagers today despite the fact that it was written 55 years ago, way back in the year 1959. If you happen to know a teenager who can’t stop whining […]

Infiniti Gym Sooka Sentral – An Honest Review

Update 4: This gym has unfortunately shut down. A number of ex-staff were embezzling funds from the gym, and a police investigation is currently underway, launched by Infiniti directors.  Asim Khan, a Director, has confirmed that all auto-debits have been stopped as of 31 March 2014, and refunds will be made to members after audits […]

What’s with all the iPhone 5 hate?

I don’t get the whole iPhone 5 hate, really. So they fell flat against the hype and rumours and yada yada, big deal. Blame Steve for setting the bar so damned high for gadgets worldwide that his successor can’t even keep up. So Apple is now reduced from “greatest thing ever” status to “one of […]

Mobile net-connected lifestyles – more work or more play?

At the time of writing, the iPad 3 was slated to be released on March 7, replacing the hugely successful iPad 2 which replaced the original iPad. Looking around, tablets seem to be the fastest growing market segment in the history of consumer tech – and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. […]