Text summary: GAIN Bootcamp: CTO Series #1 with Arzumy

I had the opportunity to participate in an awesome webinar organised by MDEC. Although I’m unable to embed the video recording here, I hope the text summary would help any aspiring CTOs grow and lead their team to build a successful product. 04:30 – Speaker background Been in the CTO position throughout his professional career […]

Startup Talk: When your word is not your bond

I found something out about a new startup today through a friend, and what he told me sickens me to the gut. I had been following this startup for over a year now, seeing them grow from working from home to having their own office and team, so this hits very close to home. Back […]

Respond, Don’t React

The below is a commonly shared story by Sundar Pichai, before he became Google CEO. I’ve read this before but wanna repost it here, both for my own reference & learning, as well as for anyone else who might benefit from this. It’s very practical, and when you take a step back to look at […]

Future predictions by Robert M. Goldman MD, PhD, DO, FAASP

The below was forwarded to me via Whatsapp, and I’ve seen it reproduced in various other websites before. I just want to have it on my site so I can refer to this in future, and if you haven’t already seen this then I hope it opens your eyes to the very real possibility that […]