Song: Intro – I’m Free

Guitar intro only, for the song I’m Free by Gaither Vocal Band Full song:

Song: Beulah Land and freestyling

0:20 Beulah Land 7:40 Freestyling in D 10:04 Freestyling in G (strumming & rhythms) 13:08 Freestyling in G (plucking & variations) 14:10 Freestyling in G (chord variations) 16:58 Freestyling in G (example riffs) 18:14 Freestyling in G (more on plucking) 19:57 Powerchord freestyling in E 22:30 Strumming tutorial – varying between top/middle/bottom strings

Song: I never shall forget that day

This is a short tutorial on how to play the song I Never Shall Forget That Day by Iris Dement on the guitar. Includes the solo intro as well. And yes, 3:06 is me playing the melody on a Tenor Ukelele 🙂 (Standard GCEA tuning)

General Tutorial: How to tune your guitar

This is how I tune my guitar. It’s significantly different from the “normal” tuning method most beginners learn, but I came up with this as I find it more reliable than most other methods. It may not be the best but it’s mine 🙂

Lesson 2: Music 101

Basic music theory that everyone should know: A graphical representation of musical notes – from a piano What constitutes a “scale” Triads, I-IV-V progression The C key – C, F & G chords Timing 4-bar basic timing, a simple rhythm Singing (or humming) notes accurately