The Saotome Gambit by J. Austin Wilde – EPUB download

Skip to download link The Saotome Gambit was the first fanfiction I ever read and till today remains the only fanfiction I’ve finished. An unrelated conversation with someone today reminded me of this amazing story I read 15 years ago, and I Googled it to read it again. Unfortunately it seems that the original website […]

Swimming hard without a compass = Going very far to nowhere

This took me a bloody long time to understand. I’ll spare you the sob backstory about how life was dreary and I felt aimless and all that. Here’s the bottomline: If you feel aimless in life, without purpose, without direction, keep reading. The short version is this: Find out what you actually want for yourself. […]

Where to buy cheap dried/frozen seafood in Kota Kinabalu

**Note: Didn’t have the time to update with pics as I had other articles written simultaneously and well, work, lol – I’ll update with awesome pics soon! Disclaimer: I’m writing this based on my first trip to KK so if you have a better tip, please do share it in the comments and I will […]

Kota Kinabalu food – 7 locations reviewed

**Note: Didn’t have the time to update with pics as I had other articles written simultaneously and well, work, lol – I’ll update with awesome pics soon! Wrote this in the plane as I return to Kuala Lumpur. It’s been a wonderful experience and I’m writing this primarily so I can refer back when I return […]


  I ordered my wedding ring from COI Jewelry ( on 25th April 2016 and they said it would take 10-14 business days to process (2-3 weeks real time). I even paid extra for FedEX shipping, which supposedly takes 2-3 days. 14 business days later, they said they would be delayed by another week due […]

Badminton stretches to loosen up the muscles

It’s widely accepted that you should stretch before any strenuous exercises. A good friend of mine, Matthew Lok, who also happens to be an insanely good player and coach, has generously shared his sequence of stretches which all players should do before and after a badminton session. All stretches should last about 15 seconds each, […]

[SOLVED] WordPress Importer not working

This is one of the most annoying things as a WordPress developer – when the WordPress Importer fails and just leaves us hanging with a blank page. If you’ve seen this before, and can’t find a solution no matter how much you search on Google, trust me – I feel your pain. So I won’t […]

Words for teenagers

I came across this picture from a friend who shared this on Facebook. I found it to be very apt, and amazingly it still applies to teenagers today despite the fact that it was written 55 years ago, way back in the year 1959. If you happen to know a teenager who can’t stop whining […]

The Rakyat Post shamelessly plagiarised’s article

On Monday, 21st July 2014, writer Lydia Kwan wrote a beautiful article about 5 Malaysians who restored our faith in humanity, which was a wonderful break from negativity that the nation had been plunged into, following the tragic crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. At time of writing, the article got over 6,000 Facebook […]